Lighting is about more than just seeing where you are going. It can effect your well being by reducing eyestrain, helping you get a better nights sleep, making your home run more efficiently or improving your mood. It can effect your surroundings by changing a space, highlighting a special item, or making tasks easier. It can even save you money by reducing your electric bills. But, you need an expert to put it all together. MSK Lighting combines the art and the science of lighting and brings it to you.

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MSK Lighting is not just familiar with the equipment and techniques to do an expert lighting design. Mark understands your needs and his unique approach to everything from your first phone call to billing makes the entire process easier.

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MSK Lighting wants to make your home beautiful and your life easier. Can lighting do that? Yes it can. Mark works with you so he understands what you want and you understand all the possibilities.

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