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Great lighting should do one of two things:

Highlight something wonderful

Go completely unnoticed

But, how often does that happen? Rarely. Just think about it. When was the last time you cast a shadow on your own workspace, were in a room that was just too bright or too dim, spent time in a space that gave you a headache, were blinded by a light when entering or exiting a room, the list could go on.

The good news is that all this and more can be avoided, you just need a true lighting design. Lighting design is not placing lights just to meet code or using an old template over and over again no matter what changes in space usage or size. A true lighting design takes each space, its uses, its aesthetics, its codes, its energy usage and combines it all in a unique design.

The process can include everything from placing recessed lighting to creating a completely integrated system of lights, controls and even window coverings.

Lighting is about more than just seeing where you are going.

It can effect your well-being by:

  1. Bulletreducing eyestrain helping you get a better nights sleep

  2. Bulletmaking your home run more efficiently

  3. Bullet improving your mood.

It can effect your surroundings by:

  1. Bulletchanging a space

  2. Bullethighlighting a special item

  3. Bulletmaking tasks easier

  4. Bulletsaving you money by reducing your electric bills.

But, you need an expert to put it all together.

Whether you want a little help or the full treatment , Mark has an option for you. Offering everything from online consultations to full design packages, he has the right fit for your needs. Call or e-mail Mark today and get started.

Bringing the Art and Science of  Lighting to You

Welcome to MSK Lighting

“When the Town of Kensington had a tough lighting challenge, we turned to Mark Ketteran and came away with a great result. The results exceeded our expectations. Mark is one of the best in the business and we appreciate his expertise and professionalism.”

-ALFRED CARR (Former Kensington Councilman)


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"I had no clue what to do for my house. Building this house has been a dream for years and I wanted to get everything just right. Now I know what good lighting is because I have it in my dream house."